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netBlade v0.45

Posted: September 12, 2010 in Emulator
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EmuCR:netBlade netBlade v0.45 is released. netBlade is an netplay plugin for the Dreamcast, Naomi, Atomiswave (and now rather more as well) emulator Demul.

netBlade v0.45 Changelog:
– fixed saving of plugin’s .ini file, now it’s saved in plugins directory as it should be;
– added “Override emulator name” setting which allows to bypass kaillera server’s restrictions;
– fixed crashes at the end of the netplay.

DownloadnetBlade v0.45



Demul v0.5.6 Update

Posted: September 8, 2010 in Emulator
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EmuCR:DEmulDEmul 0.5.6 Update is released.DEmul is a Sega Dreamcast(DC) emulator able to play commercial games.

DEmul 0.5.6 Update changelog:

I’ve uploaded fresh package of Demul with latest plugins (graphics and netplay) and English documentation for netplay plugin.

P.S. Emulator requires latest version of DirectX and С++ libraries installed on your PC. Please, install them if you have any problems with emulator.

DownloadDemul v0.5.6 Update


New Demul Emulator WIP Update

Posted: August 13, 2010 in Emulator
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A few more WIP shots of this Sega Dreamcast and Naomi emulator have appeared over at it’s forum so let’s see how things are looking:

    Verified igru Zusar Vasar (NTSC) (JP) Versions 1.002
    Everything works perfectly and at full speed. Videoplagin-Oglv3; version: 0.5.5
    New Demul Emulator WIP Update - demul New Demul Emulator WIP Update - demul New Demul Emulator WIP Update - demul New Demul Emulator WIP Update - demul
    Edit: Checked Zero Is 2 v1.000 (NTSC) (JP). Did not start not under some settings.

Stay tuned here for further updates.

(via emuhq)