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EmuCR:WinUAEWinUAE v2.3.0 Beta 15 is released.Winuae is the commodore amiga emulator for Windows. WinUAE is a mostly complete software emulation of the hardware of the Commodore Amiga 500/1000/2000. A Commodore Amiga, for those who don’t know, is a 16/32 bit computer system based on the Motorola 680×0 CPU and a few specially designed custom chips that provide very good graphics and sound capabilities. Its first incarnation, the A1000, appeared in 1985, followed by the highly successful A500 and A2000 models. WinUAE is a port of the originally written for Unixish systems UAE; but over time, it seems the Windows port, WinUAE has become the best version available on any platform. WinUAE is free software: you are welcome to distribute copies of it and/or modify it, under certain conditions. There is no warranty of any kind for UAE. For more details concerning these issues, please read the GNU General Public License, which describes the terms under which WinUAE is distributed.

WinUAE v2.3.0 Beta 15 changelog:
– floppy panel disk image creator can now create FFS and bootable images, pre-formatted extended adf (“custom floppy”) will be created if label is set or FFS or bootblock is ticked. (empty label box = label will be “empty” when creation standard adf)
– b1 plugin path detection didn’t check exe location\plugins

Download:WinUAE v2.3.0 Beta 15



Another beta update for the best Commodore Amiga emulator there is now, let’s see what this version has in store for us:

  • <drive letter>: without ‘\’ in harddrive paths was detected as a relative path, automatically add missing ‘\’, it was commonly used in old config files
  • CD32 pad in 2-button mode usually returned non-existing 3rd button pressed
  • CD32 pad in 2-button mode didn’t have pullup resistor emulation (was lost when joystick pullups were removed in 2.2)
  • autocorrect CD32/CDTV CDA starting position if R-W subchannel data is detected, workaround for a bug (happens on real CD32 and CDTV too) that can cause missed subchannel frames at play startup causing corrupt or missing CD+G graphics
  • CD thread safety critical sections moved to common part from image mounter
  • CD image mounter in play state while replacing image: state was still reported as playing
  • do not enable rawinput if rawinput capable device is inserted after winuae has been started
  • 2x or larger filters changed RTG hardware mouse cursor size.. (D3D + hardware RTG cursor only)
  • scsi emulation always-on logging disabled, added -scsiemulog command line parameter
  • Download from the release thread at the English Amiga Board or below.


    Another beta now for the best Commodore Amiga emulator around, let’s see what’s been done this time before nostalgia for my old Amiga days drags me away:

  • internal CD audio handling update, status change (starting, started, end, error) callback added, CD32 and CDTV emulation does not poll for state changes anymore, better accuracy in audio start and end timing. CD handling rewrite should be complete now.
  • CD image mounter is now thread safe, no more weird and random behavior if mounted image was in use and image was ejected or replaced
  • fixed rare crash in display emulation (introduced when right border blanking update was added)
  • improved CD32 CD sound/animation timing
  • CD32 CD timing now works correctly in NTSC mode (previously used hardcoded PAL values)
  • “non-path” kickstart rom configuration file selection now only allows normal KS roms in kickstart_rom variable and extended roms in kickstart_rom_ext variable
  • fixed D3D non-shader mode crash introduced in b9
  • bogus autofire mode was enabled if same joystick was custom configured in input panel and in gameports panel (missing masking of flags variable, time to wear brown paper bag again..)
  • Download from the release thread at the English Amiga Board or below.


    Another beta update for the best Commodore Amiga emulator around now, let’s see what’s in the news:

    • archive dragndrop worked too well, it unpacked everything, including adf filesystem etc..
    • do not expand zipped filename when dragdropping if zip only contains single file
    • insert floppy image dialog in disk swapper also “extracts” images inside selected archive
    • MODE1 “raw” 2352 data tracks didn’t work in CDTV and image mounter + uaescsi.device non-direct scsi mode
    • MODE2 FORM1 data tracks didn’t work in uaescsi.device SCSI emulation mode
    • CDTV mode didn’t close CD handle when reseting
    • CDTV frame interrupts in non audio CD play mode stopped working (broke when CD+G was implemented)
    • overlay height configuration file setting was written incorrectly if it had non-zero value
    • statefile configuration entry is not lost when configuration is load and saved again
    • scan zip directory even if compression method is unknown
    • hardfile scsi emulation block validation checked against physical size, not virtual size: direct-scsi filesystem installed on dynamic hardfile didn’t work very well..
    • dynamic hdf corrupted data if hdf’s physical file size grew over 4G
    • bezel overlay support improved, aspect ratio correction, visible area autodetection, (image positioning is not yet pixel perfect)
    • pointless bezel configuration file size parameters (temporarily?) removed, bezel overlay configuration needs to be reset (it had stupid design fault)
    • DIWSTRT/DIWSTOP writes didn’t check if hdiw state should have changed since last hsync (has always been broken but it wasn’t really needed until Denise “bug” update in 2.0) fixes Friday at Eight / Polka Brothers

    Download from the release thread at the English Amiga Board or below.

    (via emuhq)

    An update now for this Xbox port of WinUAE, let’s take a look at what’s been done to it this time:

      Changes To Winuaex Core:
    • Given the full “Madmab Edition” treatment. Sorry no mp3 music yet.
    • New dual-preview skin to support Ressurection Xtra’s. Say thank you to Gilou9999 for the skin.
    • Dynamic Dual Preview Demotivator skin by Waal included (SD only)
    • memory leak when using HDF files has now been plugged! This sucker put a severe cramp in getting the Xtra’s out.
    • playback/record option has been axed. This saves about 512k and besides it never worked to well with keyboard based emu’s anyways.. tongue.gif
    • If the file selected is (or contains) a file with the extension .whd the emulator will mount that file to DH1: and set DH0: to point to D:\\_whdload.hdf. So two things… make sure your WHD files have a .whd extension. Make sure the _whdload.hdf file is in the emulator directory (unzipped). (Keep an eye out for a WHD set from Wall based on Killer Gorilla’s WHD sets).
    • Set JIT to always default to 0. For now I’m still letting people manually change it if they wish. For those AmigaSys fans out there.
    • Tweaked the “Clip Excess Video Borders” code. So far in the several games I tested it seems to do better than the original way. Although it isn’t always 100% right.
    • Changed the code so that drive DF0: would ALWAYS be enabled. I figured no biggy cause for the most part it makes sense to always have DF0: enabled anyways. This fixes the DF0:??? error.
    • Auto config database added for around 2186 Amiga disk based games. Say “Thank You Waal”..
    • Auto config DB entries added for (target 902) Amiga whd based games. Say “Thank you again Waal”..
    • Preset controller settings added. Currently there are 4. “Standard Joystick”, “Standard Mouse”, “Pinball”, “Keyboard”. Say “We are not worthy Waal!!”
    • Preset controller settings can be saved under any name so you can share your game specific settings with other uses.
    • Preset controller settings can be “tied” to a game so that if you change the master “ini” file all games “tied” to it will use it. Or you can just individually set them for a game.
    • “in game” menu options “Insert Disk for Drives 1-4, and Swap Disks” are now in one menu. The “create HD/SD/HDF image options” are in a seperate menu as well. To help reduce clutter.
    • Fixed an issue where if the configuration had drives loaded with an .adf file “across the network” they would not remount properly.
    • Bumped up the stack space a little to reduce lock-ups.
    • Emulator always remembers which disks are loaded on the drives on initial set-up. That way if you do change/rotate disks during gameplay it wont foobar startup when you go to play the game again. Save states always remember the currently loaded drives anyways. If you want to change the “initial set-up” just reconfigure the game (start by pressing X).
    • Emulator always asks for disk to load in Drive 0 if a multifile zip is selected. That way you can store things like trainers and megatrainers in the same zip.
    • Given the full “Madmab Edition” treatment. Sorry no mp3 music yet.
    • New dual-preview skin to support Ressurection Xtra’s. Say thank you to Gilou9999 for the skin.
      Interface Related Changes:

    • rewrote the create_local_file routine again for the millionth time.
    • Modified the crc calculation routine to read files in pieces since some of those WHD files are pretty large
    • Fixed a small bug in the synopsis regarding number of lines (200 max).
    • Improved the screenshot, box/cart art, and movie streaming to make browsing games a little smoother.
    • Files within a zip now display sorted properly now.
    • Fixed a couple goofs that prevented loading ROMS over a samba share.
    • “Move Selected to the Garbage Folder?” now has a new option.. “Never Move”. So “Yes” will ask before moving the selected file to the Garbage folder. “No” will just move the file and “Never Move” won’t move the file at all.
    • New feature “Seconds before playing movie” determines how long the emu will wait before playing a movie. The default is half a second. This will help speed up rom browsing. Especially useful for people streaming stuff (like movies) across the network.
    • * Pick -1 on “Seconds before playing movie” to set to 0 seconds. 0 will equal half a second.. 1 one second, and so on.
    • If streaming movies from across the network and the user press on the dpad or a, b, x or y the emulator will abort the transfer. This should help speed up rom browsing and allow the user an “out” especially for the larger movies.
    • User can now select which “cheat code database” they want to load since it seemed silly to mix the many AR and GG codes into one file for Snes9xbox.
    • Select file function now has an option to not display directories. First menu to use this is the cheat code database select screen.
    • Pressing the back key while viewing a games synopsis will toggle between a fixed font and the skins proportional font.
    • Fixed long standing bug of YesNo Menu pop-up graphic not centering properly.
    • Fixed an issue with the software filters displaying garbage.
    • Activated the “Keep user Within ROM Directory Tree?” which I somehow missed.
    • Fixed up the box/cart art position on a few skins.
    • Fixed a problem where setting the box/cart orientation was screwed up.
    • Fixed the bug that screwed up Gilou’s skin to begin with (too weird to explain).
    • Fixed a long standing bug in the favorites system. This one goes waaaaay back.
    • Emulator should now work with 1.6 Xbox’s super big thanks to FreakDave. 1.6 users let me know how this works for you.
    • Fixed a problem where the media directory selected by the user replaced the wrong media directory. Again. Double Doi on me!
    • Fixed the problem where the wrong synopsis description was showing when selecting a game in the favorites menu.
    • Fixed odd bug where the opening movie and movies played full screen in the media browser would not display properly at 1080i

    As usual for an Xbox release due to XDK use there’s no download link but the usual places will have it and you can read more and leave feedback over in the release news thread at Xbox-Scene.

    Another update for this Amiga emulator for the Pandora handheld has arrived, let’s take a look at what it has for those of you that can run it:

      Changelog 2010-08-04 (by john4p):
    • Implemented Touchscreen support (from smokus N900-Version)
      Changelog 2010-08-01 (by john4p):
    • Hires-mode is fixed now (again).
    • Button (B ) is a shortcut to “more options” in main menu. In mouse-mode (A) was “arrow right” and (B ) was “arrow left” – that’s corrected now ((A)=left, (B )=right)
    • In mouse-mode (=pinball-mode) dpad left and dpad right fired LALT every frame (in quasi autofire-mode) when pressed causing annoying sound in Pinball Dreams/Fantasies – that’s fixed (LALT is now constantly pressed as long as you press dpad left or dpad right).
    • Updated text in (UAE core => FAME/C and “Mouse mode = Pinball mode”).
    • Mouse-pointer in Workbench was only half as wide as before and could only be moved in the left half of the screen.
    • Using the changes from smoku’s commit “Removed misported sprite collision handling” fixed this again.
    • Also Pinball Fantasies’ menu wasn’t displayed correctly before (some gfx on the left were missing) which was also fixed by this.
      Changelog 2010-07-29 (by john4p):
    • “Extra Half Bright”-mode is emulated now
    • HAM-mode is emulated now
    • L-Trigger is always left Alt now
    • vertical/horizontal adjustment only active in joystick mode
    • Autofire-toggle only in joystick mode
    • in Mouse mode: (A), (Y), (B ), (X) = keyboard arrow left, up, right, down
    • in Mouse mode: L-Trigger, dpad left, dpad right = left Flipper in Pinball Dreams/Fantasies
    • in Mouse mode: R-Trigger, (A), (B ) = right Flipper in Pinball Dreams/Fantasies

    Download from or below.

    (via emuhq)